My Career

2019-2023 • Empowered Teams and Impactful Products

Product Director, Group Product Manager

Building on the previous decade’s experience in leading individual teams, the natural evolution and latest phase of my career is to build out multiple teams and products for large scale initiatives.

I’ve also continued to hone my product management skills and inform product decisions with data analysis, business acumen, and development experience to build products that are valuable, viable, feasible, and usable.

2010-2020 • Payments, Platforms, and Players

Lead Software Engineer, Lead Product Manager, Senior Producer

During this phase of my career, I formed and led teams that built some of the biggest platforms for e-commerce and gaming in the business, products that supported tens of millions of customers such as,, and

1997-2009 • Rich Experiences on Web and Mobile

Lead/Senior Software Engineer, Web Developer

I immersed myself in the full stack of web technologies, building excellent multi-tier applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Java, and SQL. I excelled at building efficient, interactive, responsive, and secure customer experiences, but I also built services and tools to support those experiences. I worked in a variety of industries to hone my craft: financial, healthcare, marketing / advertising, retail e-commerce, and telecom.

For a detailed list of positions, see my LinkedIn profile.