Product Leadership in Technology

Pixel Perfect rearing.

I have over two decades of experience in a wide variety of technologies, focusing primarily on two things: rich applications with great user experiences and massively scalable Internet platforms. I want to leverage my experience across several disciplines to create great products that excite customers and to challenge myself and my teams to reach new levels.

What do I bring to a team?

  • Team leadership. I’ve built and managed multi-disciplinary teams in the range of 6 to 20 members. I love mentoring my team and growing leaders who can eventually take on their own teams.
  • Product vision. I regularly pitch products to executives, craft multi-year roadmaps, delve into KPIs, and balance P&L constraints. Getting quality products to market is my top priority.
  • Stakeholder management. Working on large platforms requires bringing together many different visions across the business and technical spectrum. I’m willing to deep-dive on both sides of the conversation to find common ground and move the product forward.
  • Project management. I can build and maintain client relationships and product backlogs with specific expertise in technical products such as tools and platforms. I’ve worked with agile and traditional project methodologies.
  • Previous career expertise. In the past I was a graphic designer and a software engineer, so I have a wealth of experience in those roles that help inform how I work with my multidisciplinary teams. I don’t mind talking code and architecture with engineers or giving detailed feedback on user experience with my designers, but I also know when to get out of the way of the experts.

My Career

2010-2020 • Payments, Platforms, Players

Group/Principal Product Manager, Lead Program Manager, Senior Producer, Lead Software Engineer

During this phase of my career, I built and led teams that created some of the biggest platforms for e-commerce and gaming in the business, platforms that support tens of millions of customers such as, Blizzard, and Includes companies such as Blizzard Entertainment, GameStop, and Monolith Productions.

2008-2013 • Rich Experiences on Web and Mobile

Lead/Senior Software Engineer

I immersed myself in the full stack of web technologies, building excellent multi-tier applications with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, C#, Java, and SQL. I focused my attention on the user interface, where I excelled at building efficient, interactive, responsive, and secure customer experiences, but I also built services and tools to support those experiences. Includes companies such as GameStop and RealPage.

1997-2007 • All Things Internet

Senior Web Developer, Junior Web Developer

From my humble beginnings making web pages for a local magazine to learning the ins and outs of enterprise application engineering in C# and Java, I worked in a variety of industries to hone my craft: financial, healthcare, marketing / advertising, retail e-commerce, and telecom.

For a detailed list of positions, see my LinkedIn profile.