Technology Team & Product Leadership

I have over two decades of experience in a wide variety of technologies, most recently focusing on massively scalable Internet platforms and developer support and SDKs. I want to create software products that connect customers and to challenge myself and my teams to reach new levels.

What do I bring to a team?

  • Technical product management. I can build and maintain client relationships, delivery schedules, and product roadmaps with specific expertise in technical products and developers as customers.
  • Team leadership & organization design. I love mentoring and developing multi-disciplinary teams as well as growing the next generation of leaders. I’ve built and led organizations up to 30 people.
  • Software design and implementation. I’ve walked the path of monolith to n-tier to SOA to cloud microservices. I have a great depth of technological literacy, building online services, SDKs, and applications for desktop, mobile, and game consoles, as well as e-commerce on web.