Who is Havi Sullivan?

Pixel Perfect presenting. A cream-colored unicorn with blue mane and tail and quill pen cutie mark.

I’m a specialist in software engineering, web technologies, e-commerce, platform services, and games. With two decades of experience, I’ve built web sites, desktop applications, network services, and many other enterprise-class systems.

More than anything, I love building great technology solutions, especially when I get to build platforms and applications that can support millions of eager players. I enjoy working with commerce and payment systems, especially in the realm of entertainment software and virtual goods.

Over the years, I’ve worn many hats, starting out my career as a graphic designer and web developer. Along the way I accumulated a variety of skills, including server and client applications development, team leadership, and product management. I thrive in roles where I can exercise many different skillsets to solve complex problems.

Looking for more info? Check out my portfolio and my career. You can also read a little bit about what defines me.

What’s with the ponies?

I’ve loved My Little Pony ever since I was a little girl, and I still collect the toys. These days, people at work can find my desk pretty easily since I’m “that crazy lady with all the pony toys.” So why not run with it? I try not to take myself too seriously.