Query Framework Code Sample

A while back I decided I wanted to learn how to create a JavaScript API, and so I started work on the generically-named “QueryFramework.” This is a set of JavaScript objects that behaves very similar to jQuery, but rather than look at how jQuery was written, I decided to write my functions blind. Afterwards when I compared the two, the implementations were similar in some cases and very different in others.

All code has accompanying unit tests written in QUnit. While the tests here are far from comprehensive, it should at least demonstrate my familiarity with test-writing techniques.

The framework contains several different pieces. You can download the whole thing here, or you can look at them piece by piece below.


The base QueryFramework object is capable of doing basic selection, DOM traversal, and node manipulation. I relied on the querySelector API rather than write my own from scratch (for sanity’s sake), so this code only works in IE8+ and recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, etc.


The AJAX module is a plugin for the main QueryFramework library that supports basic asynchronous GET/POST operations.


The Templates module is a plugin for the main QueryFramework library that supports a simple set of one-way (read-only, read-once) display templates.


While not “threads” in the true sense of the word, the Threads module adds timer management to the QueryFramework library, auto-executing a queue of functions on a repeating basis.

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