What do I do?

Pixel Perfect winking.

If you looked through this site and the history of my career, one thing you will notice is that outside of my specific previous roles, I don’t spend a lot of time putting labels on myself like “engineer” or “producer.” With a background in software engineering and years of experience with a variety of platforms and applications, I’ve accrued a vast depth of knowledge from many closely related disciplines. I am an archetypical example of a generalizing specialist or versatilist.

So rather than define a specific role for myself, I’d rather describe the kinds of things I love to do (and that I’m really good at).

I’m a natural diplomat. Whether it’s leading a team or negotiating with stakeholders, I can maneuver tricky situations with grace and tact. In fact, my personality type is known as “the Mediator,” and the summary I just linked is probably 90-95% accurate to me personally.

Software with longevity is my passion. Regardless of my actual role or project, I love working with systems that are built to last. This could be a platform meant to support many players or a live game meant to extend its life well beyond box sales. Either way, I have a vision for the future and don’t build throw-away products.

My strength is in technology, but I’m platform-agnostic. While I specialized in full-stack development on web, desktop applications, and services, I don’t feel a strong loyalty to any one technology stack. I have more experience with managed toolsets like .NET and Java, but I’ve also led native C++ projects, and I’m willing to learn whatever tools and languages are necessary.

In fact, learning is a core theme of my career. I love positions that constantly throw new challenges at me and require me to learn and grow every day. I thrive in environments where I can wear a lot of different hats and have to take on multiple roles to get the job done.

I back up my technology expertise with a customer-oriented vision. Years of immersion in some of the best cross-discipline teams in the business have taught me a lot about products, marketing, infrastructure, operations, you name it. I can see the big picture and apply it to every step of the SDLC. I can operate as a tech-focused product manager or a product-oriented tech lead as needed.